Saturday, March 27, 2010


i am trying...
and never give up to trying..
how could you?

never mind..
maybe it is my fault..
but, could you try to understand me for a once..?
maybe i am wrong..
but, please don't do like this..
maybe, u never notice it..
actually, you too make same mistakes like we do..
try to 'muhasabah' yourself back..
as we always do after you advise us with your words..

if someone talk to you, try to listen what he/she want to said..
if someone advise you, try to look back what have you done..
if someone angry with you, try to think positive..
if someone try to make you fun, try to appreciate it..
if someone push you away, try to learn from the experience..
if someone leave you, try to look here..
i'll be there.. for you...

i chose not to be around when everything is almost perfect, so that, when you are down, i'll be the one who pull you up and saying, "everything gonna be alright..i am here."

friends is like an onion.. if you try to cut it off, you will get nothing but tears... (T_T)
frankly speaking, i love my friends...!!! <3

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